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Use the dashboard to organize your daily operations. Get an eagle-eye view of what’s going on at your property, hour-by-hour, day-by-day. Catch errors, streamline operations, and save time.

  • Process check-ins and check-outs
  • Print registration cards
  • Take new reservations
  • Manage room assignments
  • See current demand & availability
  • Forecast future occupancies
  • View Arrivals, Checking-out Today and Active Clients.
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Calendar View

Script included two type of calendar view, one is admin side where you can view total number of room availability in each day. Another is search result where you can view availability of room with price in each day.

Room Blocking

Room Blocking in particular date range. i.e. booking from desk and phone blocking feature will be use. its similar like fronend booking but no client details.

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Room Status Manager

You can insert unlimited number of room based on room-type and capacity. Also you can insert maximum child in a room at the time of room insert but that feature is optional. you can leave blank if you don’t need child feature.

Booking List

You can View active Booking & booking archive by date range. also you can do  cancel booking , price invoice and complete booking details with client details.

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Filter Printable Financial Report

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Some Other features:

  • Unlimited number of room with combination of Room type and capacity.
  • Unlimited Room Type. i.e. Villa, Deluxe Room, Standard room.
  • Price plan entry with regular and different date range.
  • Booking list with cancellation feature and Booking history list.
  • Room Blocking in particular date range.
  • 12 months admin minimum rate calendar view of room availability.
  • After successful booking email notification both hotel owner and customer with booking detail.
  • Confirmation and cancellation email content can be edit from admin panel.
  • Room Type Image Upload
  • Booking list search by date range
  • Add optional extra like: airport transfer, gala dinner, tour packages
  • Advance discount promotion setting.
  • Cancellation module already build-in.
  •  and so much more…
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