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Looking for a solution that will help you efficiently manage sales, cash register and customer orders?
Give you control over your sales?
Reduce threats such as loss of sales?

A Point of Sale for Restaurant is the Answer.
Our clients benefit further by automatically recording of sales, customers orders with assigned waiter and table management, sales and stock reporting, inventory, prints receipts and much more.

Our Point of Sale app has a user friendly interface that everyone can use without difficulty.
The POS is compatible with any hardware and can be used on iPads, Android tablets or laptops.

Other Benefits and Features:

• Handling multiple customers
• Handling multiple waiters
• Handling multiple tables and zones
• Simple stock management
• Register report
• Tax configuration
• Discount (you can add a specific discount for every customer OR a discount for each sale)
• Reports

• Clients or products report in a specific Range.
• Barcode scanner
• Print and save receipts
• Hold sales option
• On-Screen Keyboard (you enables or disabled in the setting page).
• Branding for your business name.
• Highly Customizable.
• Feature Add-ons for your business need.

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